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This week, our article is written by our own, Rev. Dr. Lester Ruth. We encourage you to read and reflect on the article share each week and talk about this principle of worship in your small groups. 

Lester Ruth: Worship True to God


Melissa Rasberry
Admin Council Chair


Church Family,

There will be a Charge Conference on May 29th at 6:30 pm, preceding the Administrative Council meeting.  The purpose of the Charge Conference is to approve 3 candidates for ordained ministry.

What a blessing it is that New Creation is sending three persons into ministry.



Greetings family!
In regard of the commitment to the mission of our church, during the summer we will have different activities involving each of the members of our community. Today I will talk about four projects:
The first one is about weekly activities for our youth; building relationships and spaces for them is highly important, that is why we don’t need your prayers only, but a commitment to support and getting involved in these activities.
The second one is about our Hispanic/Latino community, and I will point to two situations: Number one is about making our Sunday Service more inclusive for them, that is why my proposal is to have at least a weekly meeting where we will be able to learn and practice to sing our hymns and songs in Spanish, not only once a quarter but at least one every Sunday; this practice is not just for people in the choir but for anyone interested on this opportunity. The number two, is about creating a group committed to support the outreach of Hispanic/Latino population in the area. It is not important if you cannot speak Spanish, the important thing is to be involved, support and generate ideas. Spanish speakers have been in Durham for many years, you will probably know details that would help our church to be part of this community as well.
The third one, is about supporting a meeting where around the table, people can be able to share —food, coffee, etc.—and create relationships, talking about God’s actions in our lives. The goal here is not to come by yourself, but to make sure you invite someone who is interested in hearing the good news.
Finally, I would like to create a group with the goal to pray together, once a week we will meet to pray for our church, community, and concerns. There is power in the group prayers! this can be the opportunity to develop this ministry, the growing of our church can be reached if we pray together.
For more information and ways to be part of this activities, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a message here:

Saul Gastelum
New Creation UMC Intern    


Pentecost Sunday 2018

We give thanks for Rev. Juan de Dios Peña, president of the Evangelical Methodist Church in El Salvador and Rev. Martha Landaverde Rodriguez for leading worship last Sunday.

Thank you to those who stayed for brunch after worship.  We raised $439.00 for the Summer Institute.


Sunday, May 27, 2018  is Trinity Sunday.  

Trinity Sunday occurs on the Sunday following Pentecost and celebrates the Christian doctrine of the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit


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