Children’s Ministry -- Sunday at 10:15 am

Sunday school -- Sunday at 2:00 pm

Nursery -- Sunday at 4:00 pm

Young Adult Bible Study -- 2nd & 4th Sunday's at 5:30 pm

Everyone is encouraged and invited to participate in these ministries. 


Rev. Varonica Livingston — 01/17/2021 — Your Servant is Listening


What's in a name?


Now that we're publishing the newsletter bi-monthly, we will continue to keep you updated on celebrations, prayer requests, and ministry opportunities through weekly email blasts just like this one, which we've titled, Weekly Wrap Up.

We'd also like to come up with an official title for New Creation's bi-monthly newsletter. That's where you come in! Please send us your fun, original, or even traditional ideas for titling the newsletter, and let us know by the end of January. Send your submissions by emailing secretary@newcreationumcdurham.org or give us a call at 919-688-4578.

Thanks in advance



Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – January 18, 2021

Each year on the third Monday of January we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and reflect on the work that still needs to be done for racial equality. This January 18, make the holiday more than just a day off and take time to reflect and take action on civil rights issues across the globe.


Learn MLK’s full history and narrative:

Take the time to learn more about MLK in depth. Read his works as well as those of his family to learn more about this remarkable man and learn the stories as he told them. 

Support the black community and racial justice:

Make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day more than just a day off. Take time to both understand and support civil rights and the issues facing communities of color. MLK and his contemporaries did a lot for the advancement of civil rights, but there is still much to be done.

Have a conversation:

Creating dialogue and having discussions about racial injustice is important. Through conversation, we educate each other, share experiences, and work to create a brighter future.



         A New Year, A New Goal!

As New Creation looks to 2021, we plan to make a positive impact on our community and our world through Christ. Please help us to achieve this by making a financial pledge. With your pledge, you share your intention for regular giving to New Creation, and that information helps us to plan our ministries and activities for the year.

You can find an electronic pledge form on our website:

Please note that the old link was faulty, so if you previously entered your pledge, please enter it again on the new form. We apologize for the erroneous link and the inconvenience. You will receive a confirmation email (from the sender “JotForm”) after you've entered your pledge.

You can also contact the church office to get a donation form mailed to you. In addition to your financial support, consider making a pledge to pray for the church or to serve in a specific ministry.

You can also contact the church office to get a donation form mailed to you. In addition to your financial support, consider making a pledge to pray for the church or to serve in a specific ministry.

Thank you for being a part of New Creation. We are all moving forward together – to know Christ and to make Christ known!



Looking For Ministry Opportunities?

As we head into the new year, we're appealing to the congregation for renewed participation in our virtual worship services.


The Worship Committee will be getting in touch to encourage you to share your gifts of ministry with the church, whether it's reading scripture, prayer, mission moments, or other opportunities. Older youth are welcome and encourage to volunteer for scripture reading, too!

You can also continue to utilize the sign-up genie. The 'click me' button above will take you to the signup, where you can select the day you are willing to serve.

Thank you in advance for your service and your support as we continue to ‘do’ ministry in new ways.

- Reverend Livingston

The Administrative Assistant and the Pastor will receive and respond to your request. Again, thank you for your consideration.


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