United Methodist Women

November the 8th was Women’s Day at New Creation.  Rev. Mary Fulkerson was our preacher.  As a member of New Creation, Mary is well know and highly honored.  The focus of her sermon was on the “widow’s mite.”  She outlined the treatment of women throughout history in demonstrating the true worth of this widow’s gift to God and why Jesus uses it to demonstrate to the disciples what discipleship should look like.  Awards were given to deserving women with the Woman-of-the-Year award going to Judith Mitchell-Watson. The strength and faithfulness of women in the Methodist Church, both past and present, were celebrated with the lighting of candles and a roster of honorees. 

DSC 0164

Pulpit of New Creation

DSC 0195

Women-of-the-Year Award to Judith Mitchell-Watson

DSC 0196

Thanks given to the President of United Methodist Women, Patricia Mcghee

DSC 0184

Service Award given to Mary Jones

DSC 0189

Certificate given to Dee Gidney

DSC 0206

Guest preacher, Rev. Mary Fulkerson

DSC 0179

Candle lighting for past Saints of United Mehtodist Wormen of New Creation

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