Mature Years Prayer Breakfast

Saturday morning, January 30, 2016 was a little chilly but it was warm, cozy, and exciting in the church Fellowship Hall as the smell of bacon filled the air, Ed Moon and Emily Scott serenaded us with heart-warming music and we greeted our fellow church members and guests to our now ANNUAL NCUMC PRAYER BREAKFAST.


Carolyn Black and our Intern Ben Faus presided over the program and took us down memory lane (for those of us of a certain age) by singing the Grace, "God is Great and God is Good”.  

In hopes of offering a breakfast that would appeal to many preferences including our children's, there were four Breakfast Bars: Country Kitchen with eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits,etc; Continental which included homemade pastries and boiled eggs; Hot & Cold Cereals; and a Beverage Bar with coffees, and a variety of juices.

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Jim & Betty Gibbs got the program started with a powerful talk and examples of Why Pray.  Then Calvin Johnson and Wilford Perry really stirred our spirits with their personal testimonies of their life-changing experiences of drug addiction to becoming clean faithful churchmen as a result of hard work and prayers. Calvin's wife, Eureda, stepped in for William Whitfield who was going to sing his testimony and gave a heartfelt rendition of "Silver and Gold”.

Through the intercessory prayers, we acknowledged our submission to God as our Divine Helper and Healer and the following members led us in wonderful petitions to Him in these categories:

 - Worship and Thanksgiving by Thomasenia Shaw;


 - Leadership by Fran Lynch;

 - the Church by Gloria McAuley;

 - Communities and Families by Harvey Sellner;

 - Youth and Children by Patti Owen;

 - Personal Needs and Requests by Rebecca Kuhns;

 - New Creation in 2016 by Lester Ruth;

 - Embracing Diversity and Race by Leoneda Inge-Barry (Pauli Murray Group)


Many attendees thought this year was the best of the prayer breakfasts thus far.  They have all been a spiritual blessing and we are looking forward to the next one.  Next year it is hoped the entire congregation can attend.


Barbara Logan

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