Thanksgiving Fellowship

On the 22nd, New Creation offered thanksgiving to our Lord for a year full of grace.   Our guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Ismael Ruiz-Millan spoke on John 18:33,37.  It was an insightful way of looking at the scripture as he highlighted how we are to pay attention and listen to our Lord and King.  He cautioned us to stop talking, humble ourselves and truly listen.  The food was wonderful; we shared our best dishes. Thank You Lord, for our many blessings.

DSC 0264

Our guest preacher, Rev. Rutz-Millan

DSC 0255

A table of thankful and hungry members

DSC 0257

Some of our best smiles enjoying the good food

DSC 0260

Our favorite desserts

DSC 0262

Praise to the cooks and servers and all those that brought such good eating!

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